Microsoft World Expo 2014

Tuesday this week, the 8th of April, Microsoft held their World Expo right here in Vienna. Hosted at the gorgeous Hofburg, if the event lacked anything, it definitely wasn’t style.

Right at the entrace, I was greeted with the unforgettable Knight Rider KITT. It was surrounded by excited fans trying out the Kinect voice control it was outfitted with. 

Pontiac Firebird

Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. ————————–

Tearing myself away from this awesome corner, I walked through the other sections. A large chunk of it was the Xbox One gaming zone but it was still a long wait if you wanted to play. Just when I thought the crowd was thinning out, World Ski Jumping Champion Thomas Morgenstern turned up to try his hand at Kinect Sport Rivals for the first time. If you’re a fan, you would’ve loved to watch him pick up the moves while having a good laugh about it.

Thomas Morgenstern

Thomas Morgenstern at play ————————–

Leaving behind the excitements of the Xbox zone, I entered the Microsoft App Kitchen to find it completely packed full of people. I was there just minutes before the raffle draw that would give away an Xbox One, a Surface 2 and lots more. It must have been the moment everyone was waiting for that evening because the minute it was over, there were about 5 people left in the App Kitchen, not including the volunteers working there. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one who found the actual apps and app building softwares there disappointing and childish.

I must admit, I skipped the Office 365 section altogether so I can’t report of the innovations there. The Surface and Windows phone sections were good to wander through. If you’re already familiar with these Microsoft devices, there was nothing really new on display for you. The sheer number of volunteers standing by to help was impressive though.

A fun evening in all. I definitely enjoyed the energy around the place. I lingered a bit before leaving, partly because of the heavy rain outside and partly because they had a photobooth, complete with a mixed bag of costumes to throw on!

I didn’t win an Xbox or a Surface but I did walk away with a bright blue Microsoft T-shirt with „RIP Windows XP“ on the back. With Microsoft now ending support for the XP, I can’t help but get nostalgic at the end of an era.

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