Ola Brasil!

June 12th, 2014 was the historic day on which we opened our doors and our wine bottles for the annual DatenwerkFest. Coinciding with the first match of the FIFA World Championship, this year’s theme was ‚Ola Brasil!‘. We decked out the office and backyard for the occasion and even built ourselves a trophy. Our diverse mix of guests started to arrive by 5 and soon interesting conversations were bubbling up everywhere.

The kids had a blast with all the football toys lying around, while the grown ups enjoyed the wine, beer and prosecco. Brasil was all set to play Croatia later that evening. Nobody could resist pinning their own predictions for the match on the betting board. In all the excitement, our old Foosball table saw some action too. The pocket FIFA Spielplans we produced and gave away this year turned out to be wildly popular both at the party and in the days that followed.

We waited impatiently for Wolfgang to give his speech, partly because the food would be served right after it and mostly because Wolfgang’s speeches are always something to look forward to. He did not disappoint and as the applause died down, the buffet was opened! Our caterer this year was Yummyaki , one of our favourite restaurants. Our guests seem to share our opinion judging from all the comments we heard. Dessert could not have been more perfect than the delicious mini-cupcakes we could not stop popping.

As the party wrapped up at the office, the remaining guests and us headed to a nearby pub to watch the much-awaited game. Our condolences to those who missed this amazing party and hope you can join us next year 🙂 Check out our official DatenwerkFest video above for a slice of the fun.

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