FIFA Final – The showdown!

As the big finale approaches, it is definitely a bit unexpected to find Germany and Argentina making up the top pair. This is the third FIFA final where they face each other and the previous 2 occasions have been highly interesting to say the least.

Who will emerge victorious is anybody’s guess but luckily, Opinion Tracker has a few tips to offer. When we created separate tracks for Argentina and Germany, Germany seemed to dominate although the language bias could be skewing the results a bit here.

When we searched for „GERARG“, Argentina slowly started to climb its way up. In the listing on the left, you can see Argentina and Germany going neck and neck with Argentina ahead by just the tiniest fraction.

On the ranking of important people related to this match, the same trend continued with Lionel Messi just fractionally ahead of German coach, Joachim Löw. Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Romero actually equalled Löw’s rating, no doubt because of Argentina’s victory by penalties against the Netherlands. Interestingly, Miroslav Klose didn’t show up on these top 10 lists despite his recent world record for top goalscorer in FIFA World cup history.

And now for the final reveal. Overall, this FIFA final, Opinion Tracker seems to be cheering for… Germany! Every global search involving winning and FIFA 2014 in any way had Germany far outstripping Argentina on the topic lists. Will Germany be claiming their fourth FIFA title this year? Opinion Tracker seems to think so.

While researching these topics, we came across a very interesting tool from Zeit Online. They map the timeline of every match with distribution of tweets about it. You can check the „temperature“ of any moment in the game by seeing the sharp rise and fall in Twitter attention. New and interesting way to check match highlights, don’t you think?

It is interesting to note that no matter what keywords we selected for the tracks or which country was in focus, the most popular person always turned out to be Luis Suarez. He might not have made it past the group stages but the man is definitely king of the Internet this FIFA. If you haven’t already come across one of the hundreds of Suarez-memes out there, here is one now.

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