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On October 16, datenwerk had the pleasure of hosting the „WordPressWerk“ workshop in association with Codeweek. Targeting tech-savvy but amateur users, we planned to introduce our participants to the plethora of possible customisations available when building your own WordPress website.

Eager participants started to arrive at our office by 4pm onwards. Wolfgang kicked off the event by welcoming our guests and giving them some information on datenwerk. Soon after, Hartwig and I took over and the workshop was on it’s way. The next 3 hours can only be called a journey, with regular snack breaks of course. We covered topics ranging from the basics of setting up a WordPress site to child themes, basic custom CSS, plugins, shortcodes, widgets, page templates, functions and even SEO optimisation.

Each participant was provided with an individual website they could work on as they followed along with the workshop. We did worry whether the amount and complexity of information would be too much even for our informed amateurs. Our worries were swept aside rather quickly by the sheer enthusiasm and determination of our wonderful guests. For Hartwig and me, it was a great experience to re-discover the magic of code through their eyes. Changing the colour of a page title with CSS might be a mundane task for us now but their excitement made it feel extraordinary. Our guests left the workshop excited to continue fiddling with their sites over the coming days. We could not have asked for a better result.

At the end, as we said goodbye to our guests and answered some final questions, requests for future workshops came our way. With such a fun experience and such enthusiastic participants, how could we not at least consider the idea? Watch this space!


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