Brave new space!

It’s not very often that daily life allows the time or opportunity to get a perspective makeover. Luckily, I recently spent a phenomenal Saturday doing just that.


On November 1 2014, I attended TEDxVienna’s Brand New Space at the Volkstheater Wien. Their 4 sessions of 6 talks each covered topics varied enough for almost any area of interest. Art, health, biology, space, energy, population, rebellion, porn, Holocaust history, robots, galactic colonisation… the list of themes alone is enough to spark an interesting exchange between two people. But bring together a thousand inquisitive minds and experts from all over the world to speak on these subjects and you have one truly mind-blowing day.

Some of my personal favourite talks included „On the Stigma of the Comfort Zone“ by Amr Sobhy, „In the 1660s there were no Internet Videos“ by Destin Sandlin and „Why aim for the stars when the galaxies are just as easy?“ By Stuart Armstrong.
The focus of the event was as much on interaction as the talks themselves. The well-organised event included several long breaks to give the attendees a chance to pick each others‘ brains over refreshments and finger food. From exploring smaller exhibitions between talks to brainstorming for competitions, there was a torrential downpour of inspiration to be found.

The most interesting part of the experience was when I found myself weaving patterns between all the different talks and topics to find new revelations of my own. You’d be amazed at what a snatch of bioengineering with a hint of aerospace technology and just a dash of philosophy can blossom into in the right environment. Brave New Space was definitely the right environment.

After an amazing but exhausting day, my fellow attendees and I poured out of the Main Hall of the Volkstheater and into the Rote Bar for the afterparty, which of course, is a whole other story.
On a final note, I can’t help but be the designer here and point out the gorgeous branding of the event. Dramatic, bold and great for the theme, even their event design turned out to be an a inspiration. The ultra-contemporary graphics against the traditional beauty of Volkstheater was exhilarating in a way. If this post has made you severely regret missing the event, remember to keep an eye out for the next TEDxVienna!


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