Designing for 2015

After an exciting year for web design, 2015 is now here with new offerings and anticipated trends!

For a quick catch up on all things web design, browse through our Design Cookbook 2014 (here in Deutsch, here in English).

At datenwerk, we adopted Responsive Web Design quite early on as a fundamental requirement in all our web projects. We see this becoming even more important if not tricker in the near future. Designing for desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes is not a special feature anymore, it is only the minimum requirement. With smart displays popping up in unexpected places, will we be adapting web content to your smartwatch soon? Only 2015 can tell and we can’t wait to find out.

With the future of web design in flux, the one feature that we stand by for our projects this year is card or tile-based web design. So what are cards? If you’re a pinterest user, you already know.

Cards are interactive packages or chunks of self-contained information.

Although there is a lot of debate over the what exactly a card is and how it differs from a tile or module or box, we’d rather not join the argument. Instead, we prefer to tailor the details to the requirements of a single project.

So, who else is using card-based design? Well, Google, Facebook and Twitter certainly are and for good reason. Not only do „cards“ separate information into easily usable pieces but these pieces are then freely adaptable to different screen sizes without losing their individual integrity. They enhance user experience and make content clearer. On different screen sizes, the cards move and stack fluidly within the layout but their internal structure is always constant. It’s the combination of flexibility and structure that we find most attractive. The fact that card or tile-layout fits in perfectly with the on-going trend of Flat Design and the emerging trend of Material Design is the perfect added incentive.

The Pantone colour of the year is Marsala, named after Marsala wine. Although the design world’s reactions to this trend prediction range from agreement to disgust, a topic as subjective as colour can never win all the votes. We for one don’t see any harm in adding some warmth to our winter!

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