Autor: Aku Singh

Designing for 2015

After an exciting year for web design, 2015 is now here with new offerings and anticipated trends! For a quick catch up on all things web design, browse through our Design Cookbook 2014 (here in Deutsch,...

Brave new space!

It’s not very often that daily life allows the time or opportunity to get a perspective makeover. Luckily, I recently spent a phenomenal Saturday doing just that.

datenwerk European Code Week 2014

Codeweek WordPressWerk 2014

              On October 16, datenwerk had the pleasure of hosting the „WordPressWerk“ workshop in association with Codeweek. Targeting tech-savvy but amateur users, we planned to introduce our participants to...

Ola Brasil!

June 12th, 2014 was the historic day on which we opened our doors and our wine bottles for the annual DatenwerkFest. Coinciding with the first match of the FIFA World Championship, this year’s theme...